As airing of Phineas and Ferb, season 3 wraps up, and we get ready for season 4, howzabout some panels from “What a Croc” to remember it by!

Forever ago, I promised a post of “cut scenes” from Phineas and is a very quick round-up, and I’ll do another post another time.

1. In “Excaliferb”, the kids had a whole adventure through the “Swampy Marsh” where if they didn’t think positive, they started to sink.

2. Also in “Excaliferb”, the kids had a run in at “The Forest of Teenage Angst”.

3. At the end of “Doofapus” Doof tried to use his credit card, which was not accepted because as a platypus, he did not look like the photo on his I.D.

4. In “Candace Disconnected” Candace shouted so loud when she broke her cel phone, that two martians heard it in outer space.

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